Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Class of 5 (2)

Back Row (L to R): Ungku Nurulkamar, Zaleha Adwin, Zaimy Haniza, NoorHaliza, Zalina Ali, Tuti Aini, Aida Haniza, Kamariah Shamsinar, Azlinda, Kaladevi, Nik Nurlaili

Middle Row : Arniwati, Rosmawati, Chong Mun Peen, Fajura Juffa, Tina Abdullah, Azlina A. Rahman, Nik Harlina, Rozita Baharom, Nan Aini, Noriza, Pang Poh Ling, Rosrahimi

Sitting: Noraizan Hassan, Noorhayati Munit, Rashitah Rahmat, Pn. Chong, En. Hozaimi, Siti Aida, Valarmathy, Eliza Hashim

These are my classmates from 5(2). That Mr. Hozaimi was my favourite Physics teacher.

Looking back to those years in STF, I wonder how we survived. Amenities were very basic. In our dorm, we only had 1 bunk bed with 1 pillow, 1 white bedsheet, and 1 thin blanket. There was no air-cond, not even a fan. Each one of us was given a small locker to store our bajus and valuables (not that we had many) and a small compartment to put our toiletries and such. That's all. And we survived the 5 years there with only these few possessions. Amazing.

I suppose at that time, our needs were very minimal. We didn't need fancy clothes, more than one shoes, expensive perfume or other luxury items. We went there with only one intention in mind, ie. to study hard and do well in the exams. Our life (well, my life, at least) was centred on going to class, prep, and passing the exam with flying colours. Day in, day out, that was what I did mostly.

Outings were only possible at the end of school term, and that, for only 2 hours. The green bus would pick us up infront of the dining hall and drop us all off at either Komtar or Holiday Plaza for our much-awaited shopping. All of us would be dressed in our green baju kurung to make us easily recognised as a student from STF. Quite boring, actually, but what the heck. It was the school policy.

So, for students who lived far away from JB (and had no relatives nearby), their only outing would be once every 4 months or 3 times a year. How sad! But we didn't complain, and we survived.

Getting ready to go for outing. From left: Salina, Dada, Eliza, Nan Aini, Aida K.

Despite the lack of amenities at school, education was a top priority. The teachers were very dedicated in making sure the school maintained a certain standard of achievement for every major exams. We were named top school for SPM & SRP for many years in the 80's and all students worked hard to maintain that posisition.

Oh well, had I not been in that school, I don't think I'd become what I am today. The school taught me discipline and to always aim for the best in whatever I do. And that's important because I notice children these days (my children, at least) lack this virtue. They tend to be too complacent with life, do not want to aim high in exams, very laid back when it comes to studying and revision... the list of complaint is endless.

Now, going back to my class photo, I can safely say, out of the 29 students, I've only met 9 or 10 since I left school. The other 20, only God knows where they are right now. But this coming Class Reunion on Sat, 31 Jan 2006, would probably give me a chance to meet up with some of my long lost friends whom I haven't met in 24 years. 24 years.... gosh, that's a long time! I left school when I was 17 and now, I'm 40 years old! I wonder if everybody still look the same...


Anonymous said...

i think i might know the head prefect in the picture!

Anonymous said...

ya lah,she looks so familiar...and pretty too. :)

ika said...

im sorry. im looking for my long lost fav teacher who happen to be in the picture. her name is pn salina. is theres anyway that i contact her?