Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Annual Trips

It all start in September 2005 when Liz and I went to Mekah to perform our first umrah. We didn't plan to go together but Liz wanted to join me when I told her of my intention. There we discovered the chemistry. We went with my aunties and cousin, six ladies and until now, masih tak boleh lupa the great time we had there. Still couldn't forget some of the "incidents" that happened in Mekah which remain secrets between us.

At Masjid Quba, Madinah

Memborong at Pasar Kurma, Madinah

Then in September 2007, both of us went to Bali. It was also a fun and enjoyable trip. Shopping was our main agenda until I have to pay for excess bagages!! Bila dah habis shopping, terus pergi SPA for massage. Tu lah kerja kita orang for 4 days we were there. Last year in August, Intan and BJ joined us for the first time to Krabi. We stayed at Centara Grand Beach Resort. It was such a beatiful hotel only accesible by boat. Day in day out asyik naik boat aje sampai mabuk laut! BJ wrote all about it (Girlfriends' Gateaway at the Andaman Sea) in her blog in August 2008

Nasi padang st Sukawati

At one of the gallery in Ubud

Barong Dance

So this year, we decided to go to Chiang Mai. We went there last month but unfortunately BJ couldn't join us and her place was replaced by Lin. We would love to have Gylle and Along to join us but they too had prior commitments. So, four of us went ahead with the trip despite H1N1. It was such a wonderful and unforgettable trip. Compared to when we were in Krabi asyik mabuk laut, this time mabuk binatang sebab naik gajah, lembu and kuda. We had a great time at Meatang Elephant centre where we spent 4 hours naik gajah, kereta lembu and naik rakit. After 40 years, barulah puas naik gajah. the rest of the days we spent our time at the SPA and again shopping for three consecutive nights at the Night Market. This time we stayed at Ratilanna Boutique Resort. It was just unfortunate that I lost all the pictures captured during the trip when by bag with my camera inside was snatched last week. Luckily BJ kept one of the photos which I e-mailed to her masa we all naik gajah. I hope to get some of the pictures captured by Intan.
Any suggestion for our destination next year????

Elephant Ride

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