Monday, October 4, 2010

Lynne Ali - Greetings from Tukmenistan

This blog has not been active for the last one year. No one has been updating it with stories or photos of Srikandi85', although I'm sure a lot has been happening amongst sad :-( Perhap I should start the ball rolling again.

Last week, 27 September 2010 we celebrated Lynne Ali's belated birthday at Red Box Plus, Pavillion. Lynne, currently working in Tukmenistan returned home for two weeks to celebrate raya with her family and to be with her son who would be sitting for PMR this week. So we took the opportunity to meet up with her and celebrate her birthday, although a bit late. But as the saying goes, better late than never and it's the thoughts that count!

As usual, the six of us spent time karaoking and exchange stories with Lynne. From her stories, we knew that she has adjusted well with the people, culture and environment there but of course not the food!!!! She intend to be there for another year or so. Who knows, we might visit her on our annual trip next year!! We miss her whenever we meet over coffee. Hope we can meet up before she leaves for Tukmenistan.

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