Monday, February 2, 2009

At Last We Met!

I'm sitting in my study room, listening to "Suratan & Kebetulan" by Kenny, Remi, Martin. This CD is on loan from Dada as I didn't get a copy from Leha, who had painstakingly compiled the beautiful songs from our STF days for our reunion.

Leha and her adorable baby (he's soooo baik!!)

Ahh... there's so much to write about the reunion last Saturday, 31st January 2009. I'm lost for words. But if I have to summarize it in just one word, it would be simply "wonderful". It was a wonderful event indeed...

I'm glad I initiated the idea which was reciprorated by all my other friends who were at Madam Kwan's that fateful evening. And I have to personally thank Dada for putting in her 110% effort into making the reunion a reality. Without her, I don't think all 60 of us would be there last Saturday afternoon.

Dada and her beautiful bouquet

For me, the best thing about the reunion is, I got to meet my good old friend, Roza. Roza and I went a long way in school but we parted ways after SPM. She went straight to the UK to do her A-Levels while I stayed behind to do mine at TKC. We did meet once in London in 1990, but after that, I lost touch with her completely.

I only heard "stories" about her from friends thereafter but we never took the initiative to meet again seriously. Well, honestly I felt a bit slighted because we were so close before but I supposed, people changed, so I let it be.

But when I saw her last Saturday, oh my... she hasn't changed at all! She's still the same adorable Roza ~ ever so gentle and speaks ever so softly to anyone she meets. I was a bit apprehensive at first, afraid that she might be a different person now. But my perception was totally unfounded. She's a doctor now, in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. She has 3 daughters and now expecting another one. I'm sure she's a wonderful mother!

Me & Roza

Then, there was Nan Aini. She's another person who I really wanted to meet after Roza. I remember her clearly because she had a boyfriend when we were in Form 5. His name was Md Zain and he was already a working man at that time. She always received letters from him and the whole class knew of their love affair (it was kinda scandalous actually, coz she was only 17 and he was older). So, I was very curious to know what had happened to her after school.

She came alright, but she looked completely different from before! Most of us didn't recognise her. Dah pakai tudung and verylah mak datin with her gold jewellery. She told us she married Md Zain eventually and she's now teaching in Bukit Indah, Ampang. Hee.. hee... itu memang cinta agung!

Me, Dada & Nan Aini

There are loads of photos from the gathering, but it's very slow to download now. I'll post more later.

In the mean time, this is the photo that I like best:

Geng tak pakai tudung!

(hee.. hee... hopefully, next reunion, this row will be shorter!)


Eta My said...

Beejay...Bee jay..kamu le ghupenya...the pencetus idea....

And since dah lama tak jumpa ..(asyik baca blog je..),I think u look much sweeter la yang...and anggun..itu pasal di 'vote' best dress for the greeennn..

Also I share the same was wonderful..and too many things to write..(mind mapping won't be enough la..)appreciation from many angles....and yeap...masa tengok all the pengawas berbaris nyanyi lagu sekolah...I know two person yg I rase 'cuak' sket nak bertanya kabar were Roza and Pis...don't know why...must be the aura kot!but later..rupanya mereka biasa saje..and Roza si mak buyung itu..masih lembut loghat Kelante nye...and Pis u jalan masih sama daa...( guess almost all cam tu..kan!!betoi kan Dada!)

Guess many others shall put their comments too..but as for me I was glad that I got to meet my long last scoc scie friends like Anis,Yan, Awe, Ogy , Pis and Hye..For Shana, Zaza, Netty, Anne..whom I had met once i a while..and Honey too...ex-dormmate dari form one...Wish I cd meet Leelany..

To the rest yang I tak sebut nama pun...was nice meeting all of you..cuma tak sempat borak lelama...and Leha sgt comel dan baik suci..thx Leha..lagu2 menusuk kalbu....and Intan...I am soo motherly..sebab semenjak dua menjak berkecimpung dalam arena ibu sepenuh masa..beginilah aku seadanya...

Rose I dah kembang dan masih elok dalam jug berair..( pasu tak de meh...almaklum...tak pernah dpt bunga pun..)..thx for those yg sponsor goodies...yg buat slide..aka Gylle.and Tuti.and Lyzz...maintain cun yeay!yg buat games...I wonder fr where u people got the ideas..the energy..It was a success...And Lin Ali..u look strong woman...Alfatihah...and same goes to Intan..

Okay lah dear you all..nak rest dah usuaal I am a mum who never fails to take short the afternoon..( nak re-charge energy daa....)

See u when I see u ..tata!..
Salam Kaseh Sayang Berpanjangan..Insya'allah kita jumpa lagi next gathering..

p/s: Farah sms..kirim salam peluk cium pada semua yang datang..

MrsNordin said...


Anis works at Celcom with me. At first, I wasn't sure if she was from STF tapi muka dia macam familiar sangat. So I asked her anyhow last week and she said memang dia from STF! I'm glad she came for the reunion. Just like the good old days, kan?

You pun apa kurangnya.... masih sweet and maintain body gitu walaupun dah ada anak dara! You look good, really! I'm glad we took that photo "Geng Budak Ipoh". So nostalgic, babe!