Monday, February 23, 2009

Eyerin & Along Birthday Bash

Eyerin turned 41 on 20th February while Along will celebrate hers on 27th Feb. But we decided to hold a joint birthday party for them to commemorate the occasion.

Lin Ali was the party planner. Hee.. hee... you did a good job, Lin! She chose Red Box Pavillion as the venue. Seven of us turned up: Intan, Dada, Liz, Eyerin, Along, Lin and me. I arrived slightly late because I was stuck in the office with my boss. But I made it in time anytime as they were just starting to eat when I arrived.

I've had many karaoke sessions with Intan, Dada, Lin & Liz before but that was the first time with Eyerin and Along. So i guess that's why Eyerin was a bit apprehensive at first. Bila suruh nyanyi, suara tak keluar.

Along tak payah suruhlah, dia memang suka nyanyi pun. And she's got a great voice. Bila nyanyi lagu Celine Dion, alamak... tersonyap semua orang!

But after a while, Eyerin became more relax and she took up the mic. Lepas tu, tak berhenti2 lah dia menyanyi. Hee.. hee... siap ada back up dancers lagi! We danced the joget, the rock & roll, the dangdut, the cha-cha, the boogie... hentam je! It was really fun. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

The party started at 6pm and ended close to 10.30pm. Only because Along's husband had been texting her, wondering when she was coming home. Hmmm.... orang lelaki ni memang tak senang kalau tengok isteri dia keluar jumpa kawan2. Sibuk suruh balik! What to do...

So we had to wrap up and leave. Anyway, she had to drive alone to Semenyih. Not safe to let her stay out too late. I hope the birthday gals had a good time with us that night.

So, for those yang nak menyambut harijadi dimasa akan datang, we'll be glad to be of service and make your day a memorable one.

Enjoy the pictures!

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