Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been meaning to blog on the STF81-85 Reunion on Saturday night itself, but, somehow I couldn't find the right words to describe the whole thing. Quite unlike me, I must say, BUT, seriously - I was "wordless" (if there is such a word to describe my state of writer's block that night!)

I was wordless in my efforts to pen down in this blog as to how exactly I felt when I saw all of our friends whom I have not seen since we left school 23 ears ago, in 1985. Just as I was wordless that afternoon itself at Singgahsana.

I was wordless when I saw our friends who still looked the same after 23 years and after giving birth to between 1 to 7 kids!

I was wordless when I saw some of our friends who have changed tremendously and I nearly did not recognize them. Thank God for the name-tags which we were asked to put on. THAT really helped :)

I was wordless when I saw how much some of our friends have changed, but at the same time have not changed at all! You know what I mean?

I was wordless when I saw some of our friends who have not changed at all - physically, or demeanour-wise : the way they walked, the way they talked, the way they laughed, the way they smiled, the way they joked. In fact, the way they did everthing! It was like we never left STF...

I was wordless when I saw the efforts made by some of our friends to be with us that afternoon - travelling from KT, KB, JB, BP, Kota Tinggi, Melaka, Taiping, Ipoh, Kulim. One even drove from Sandakan to KK to catch the flight to KL that day, but, alas she missed the flight! Nancy Simon - now Nadirah Abdullah, WE HEART YOU, girl!!

I was wordless when I got to know that some of our friends who were supposed to be there with us could not make it at the last minute due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. We propose, God disposes... Aida K, Lin Sharif and Farah - insya Allah ada rezqi next time, dears.

I was wordless when I saw the slides of our yesteryears. God - those pics of us in those REALLY SHORT shorts, and those 80's looks - those hair, those poses, those blouses, those skirts, those everything! Mega cringe big time, I tell you!

I was wordless when I listened to all the glorious songs of the 80's! Thanks, Leha. You're a gem :)

I was wordless when I saw the photos of our dear friends who have left us forever to be with HIM. Al-Fatihah to Arwah Rosmawatee Mohd Sirat (Ross) and Arwah Rohaidah Abdul Ghafar (Rohaid)...

I was wordless, but in place of all the words that I lost were the words from all of us that afternoon which came in the forms of -

* the screams of excitement,
* the squeals of laughter
* the tears of sadness and sorrow
* the smiles from our warm hearts
* the hugs from our even warmer souls

However, I don't want to be wordless when I saw how well the organizers of the event have put everything together. You all deserve a pat on the back and a standing ovation for a job well-done...And for this, I can't be wordless, can I? Because I so much want to THANK YOU ALL for making the Reunion possible...

Dada, BJ, Intan, Gylle, Lin Ali, Leha, Liz, Tuti, Eyerin...


Let's make do'a that we will have the opportunity to come together again soon.

Let's make do'a that Allah SWT akan panjangkan umur ALL of us to come together again.

Let's make do'a that those who were not able to be with us that day, diberikan rezqi to join us next time.

Let's make do'a together.

Amin. Insya Allah :)

In the mean time - here are some pics!


MrsNordin said...


Someone told me, you looked kinda "loss" that evening. I wasn't sure about that coz I didn't really get to talk to you. Now I know why.... you were WORDLESS!! Speechless! Ha! Ha!

Actually, what you said is true. I wanted to blog about it that night itself as well but there were just so many things to say. I couldn't sort out my feelings properly, hence it had to wait.

I hope the others would write as well. And thanks for sharing your photos. They are lovely! Hope we'll get to do this again and maybe next round, you pulak be in charge. We were talking about it at Amcorp Mall that night and all of us agreed that you are the best person for the job! I believe that too!

Btw, looking at your photos from school... hee... hee... I like your short hair and John Lennon specs. Those were your trademark!

wanshana said...


"Loss"?! Hahaha! Hope I have not offended anyone by being "loss/lost" that day?!

Yeah, in a way, maybe I was :)

With some of our friends, memula tu rasa awkward coz' dah lama sangat tak jumpa! But, with some - tak "loss" langsung - terus connected! Hehehe!

Moi in charge next time? Aiyoo... Abid and I met up the other day, and we were just talking about it. If we all yang in-charge, you guys can only expect dinner, and then all night karaoke ajer lah kot?!

MrsNordin said...

We wanted to have karaoke too last Saturday but thought it wasn't appropriate for a first time meeting. Tengoklah, peluk-memeluk session je dah sejam! But after this, kalau nak buat karaoke, boleh saja...

Rohani Ahmad said...

U all...ade satu gamba 'cheers' kat slide tu..ya allah, eija n joe noti tak abis2 tol..pi buang tangan tu kat blakang i rupenye..hahahaha(some things never change kan?)...

Eta My said...

Shana...and as I relayed those moments to my husband and daughters..I gelak memanjang..sampai my daughter perasan..ke'happy'nan I...

and yes...not only the way we walk..but almost everything kan...besttttt sgt!!

bukan u aje..I pun memula..rasa terpegun dan terkezut dengan beberapa orang..again...aura mereka kot!!..lepas tegur ..blank tak tau nak start topik ape..kelakar..and thus bila balik rumah rase menyesal tak sempat cakap lelama dengan a few yg memang dah lama tak jumpa..

Also..itu short pendek arr..ade jual kat kedai koperasi kah?..(dan teringat juga pada senarai antara barang nak kena bawak masa mendafter..itu dalaman putih semuah...kelakar kan!) tapi di manakah daku??

Kita memang tak ambik gambar..jadinya dok ulang tayang gegambar yg korang post kat sini, ind blog and fb..

p/s: Agaknya kalu farah, lin, aida k dan nitot ade...gamat lagi suasana..

Waterlily said...

When I looked at the photos, I tried to imagine what I would do and say if I were there! Mesti lidah kelu the first few minutes tu..ye lah, trying to recollect sapa orang ni, sapa orang tu..kalau tak ada name tag, memang sah lost!

Kesian pulak bila dengar Nancy didnt make it after all the efforts / journey that she has made. Tak pe, next time InsyaAllah...